Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

Belly Dancing For Your Cum

Opal Reins, a real-life belly dancer from Idaho, of all places (you don't think of Idaho as a place that breeds belly dancers) makes her debut by belly dancing, then cock-sucking, then fucking. She's 49 years old (she'll turn 50 in July 2011) with a super-tight, super-limber body that had our stud's cock hard before she even pulled it out of his pants. There's lots of blow job action in this pictorial, including Opal lying on her back and getting face-fucked, which is a really dirty thing, something we love. When a girl is getting face-fucked like that, the guy, not the MILF, decides how deep the cock goes in her mouth, and she'd better be ready for a drilling. And Opal was. Notice, too, how Opal enjoys having a finger in her asshole while she's fucking, which could be an indication of things to come. And don't ignore that sloppy cum shot all over her pushing-50 cunt and asshole. Now, some info about Opal. Like we said, she's from Idaho, but she now lives in Colorado. Her measurements are 34DD-24-36. She's single, never been married. She's a dance teacher. She enjoys playing mud volleyball and watching horse racing. Her sexual fantasy is to "control my partner's orgasm for as long as possible while playing with him and myself using my body, hands, tongue and toys." More on Opal later on. For now, enjoy this as much as she did.